Throughout my life I have been seeking unusual language in nature’s shapes, the beauty of which is unspeakable. These fantastic shapes and extraordinary forms talk to me and inspire me. I am fascinated with the story of each and every object I find. I go looking at foreshores of River Thames which reveals its treasures at low tide, in deep woods, shores of seas and oceans but also in magical corners or old attics and abandoned buildings. 

I am interested in petrified bones, washed out wood, dried out fragments of plants, antlers, old tools and other artifacts. When looking at these gems I feel like I have been granted a glimpse at the essence of life itself, the beauty of which I am trying to capture and imprint into the world of art. 

I have been a creative artist since the mid nineties. My southern Czechia located atelier slowly expands and seeps into the garden for which I care deeply and my work finds its roots in a place where nature and art merge into one. 

My work becomes not only an expression of my own narration but also a humble way to pass these stories to others.

You are invited into the world where reality and fantasy dance to the same tune.